How much does your CBD actually cost?

CBD products come in many formats, including oils, oil in capsules, sprays, vapes,  Gelpell® capsules, and now even in drinks and confectionary products. They also have significant differences in price. This often leads people to ask the question “How much does CBD cost?”, but knowing which products offer real value for money can be a challenge. 

One thing is clear - the aim of all these products is to get CBD into your body, so you can benefit from its health and wellness properties. 

Which CBD product is the best value? 

It is pretty simple to compare the cost of CBD products or calculate the price per milligram (mg) of CBD that you buy, but that doesn’t give you the full story.  

A lot of companies provide information on absorption, stating their product is better than others, but is this really the case? To find out the best value CBD products we need to dig a little deeper into absorption. What you need to understand is that not all the CBD absorbed can be used by your body.

How does CBD get absorbed by the body? 

It might seem complicated but it’s not really: once swallowed, the CBD is absorbed through the gut wall, then transported directly to the liver which then metabolises most of the CBD we take. This metabolising process actually wastes a lot of the CBD, leaving only a small proportion to reach the body. 

The amount of the CBD actually reaching the body is known as the bioavailability, and products vary massively in this.

CBD oils have been shown to be around 5% bioavailable . The other 95% never gets used . Imagine for every litre of water you bought that you could only drink a small sip. Who would be happy with that? 

The true cost of your CBD 

So, the only way to find out the true cost of your CBD is to know its bioavailability and the cost per mg CBD reaching the body.

To prove the bioavailability of a product, companies have to perform clinical trials. However, most CBD companies don’t do this because they don’t want to admit the very low effectiveness of CBD oils. Our published clinical trial showing bioavailability can be viewed here.

This chart compares the typical high street price for leading brands, showing the cost per mg available to the body.

You can see how even a cheaper high street CBD oil can be actually one of the most expensive products on the market.

Why choose Satipharm Advanced CBD Capsules?

Our Advanced CBD capsules are powered by Gelpell® technology, making them 3.5 times more effective than CBD oil. Which as you know by now, means they are the best value CBD product on the market.

The Satipharm Gelpell® technology means that  our capsules are packed with microbeads full of CBD. These microbeads minimise CBD degradation in the stomach and liver and maximise the amount of CBD reaching the body. Taking CBD this way also gives you the confidence that you are receiving accurate dose of CBD every time, without the mess, fuss and taste of oils and sprays. 

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