Satipharm support ultra athlete Shane Finn on 5,000km endurance challenge

Irish ultra athlete Shane Finn is today beginning his endurance feat of cycling and running the 5,000km from San Francisco to New York in an event called American Ultra. Shane will set out on March 29th from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and travel across America facing all kinds of terrain and weather conditions to finish on May 3rd, with New York added as the final leg and Shane can relax after he crosses New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.

Shane has already raised over €150,000 for Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland (SBHI) through his previous efforts, the last of which saw him run 24 marathons in 24 days in 2017. His inspiration for raising money for the charity came many years ago from his cousin Mary Evans, who suffers from the disease.

Shane Finn commented: “When Mary was young and her’ condition deteriorated, the family had to remodel their house and move to West Kerry. It was then I first realised her condition is non-stop. I might be in pain out on a run, but Mary feels pain 24 hours a day. She is fighting 365 days a year.”

The American Ultra begins with three days of ultra cycling (270km per day) followed by three days of ultra running (55-60km per day) and this pattern is then repeated six times – with no rest days. Crossing America needs a detailed nutrition and recovery plan as Shane will face every type of terrain on the route. Shane has been taking the soon to be available in the US, Satipharm’s CBD 10mg Gelpell® Capsules throughout his preparation for this challenge and Satipharm will continue to support Shane as he races across the USA.

Shane Finn: “I have a crew that will be by my side all the way. Everything from recovery to nutrition has been planned to the best we can but we know anything can happen. I will need to keep the inflammation in my joints at bay while staying calm through whatever situations we will face. Satipharm’s support over the last few months has come at the perfect time .”

Jonathan Hartshorn CEO of Satipharm: “The American Ultra challenge is an amazing challenge, but more importantly a selfless act where a person is going beyond what we consider are the normal limits of our bodies to inspire people around the world and raise much needed funds for this deserving charity. We are extremely proud to support Shane in his ultra endurance effort.”

Tom Scott CEO of SBHI: “This challenge will help our work in the future, but it affects us right now. Shane has given everyone associated with the charity inspiration through the kindness he has shown. He reminds people that our limits are only what we tell ourselves. All of us here at SBHI are with him through every step of his 5000km journey.”

To donate visit the fundraising page here.