CBD buyers are being deceived

Recent reports by US-based broadcaster NBC and Karger, a Swiss-based medical and scientific publishing company, highlight that some CBD brands have very poor-quality standards or appear to be intentionally deceiving consumers.

Satipharm Testing GMP

Shocking findings from several independent reports into the CBD market reveal:

  • Some products claiming to contain CBD actually contain zero CBD
  • Many products contain less than the claimed quantity of CBD
  • Some products contain unacceptable levels of lead, pesticides, contaminants or other poisonous materials

See the NBC video report here:

Similar concerns are expressed by Dr. Peter Widdess-Walsh, a consultant neurologist at the Beaumont Hospital in Dublin in his video presentation where he highlights the inconsistent quality of CBD oils, including oils claiming over 25% CBD that when tested contained less than 2.5%, with one oil containing zero CBD.


Study comparing actual vs labelled CBD levels in tested oils

Dr. Widdess-Walsh goes on to explain the importance of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification in identifying high quality products that are safe and reliable here:


GMP explained

Further concerns about misleading product labels and descriptions are found in a report by Dr Bonn-Miller, of University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine in his research ’Labeling Accuracy of Cannabidiol Extracts Sold Online published by the American Medical Association. 

Satipharm welcomes these revealing reports into CBD products, as they should make consumers think twice about the quality of the CBD products they are taking.

Satipharm suggest that the answer to this issue lies in choosing a CBD product that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice as a mark of guaranteed quality and safety.

Jonathan Hartshorn, CEO of Satipharm commented:

“These reports highlight the need for consumers to beware of buying poor quality, untested, incorrectly labelled products that may contain little or no CBD.  Insisting on a CBD product that is GMP certified will ensure that the product contains the right level of CBD.”

Experts such as Dr. Peter Widdess-Walsh, advise that:

“Medicinal cannabis products [have] variable and unregulated production unless GMP certified”

Satipharm CEO Jonathan Hartshorn goes on to highlight that:

“Providing consumers with quality, reliable CBD products to support their health and wellness is paramount, which is why we adhere to the stringent quality standards required under Good Manufacturing Practice. This is very closely regulated and monitored in order to ensure our end-to-end manufacturing practices meet or exceed these demanding measures, to ensure quality, safety and consistency of dose.”

In addition to GMP status, Satipharm products are manufactured in Switzerland to pharmaceutical specifications, despite being classified as a food supplement in the EU. Every production run is subject to batch testing against strict specifications, which comply with European pharmaceutical level limits for impurities, including heavy metals, toxins, bacteria, solvents, pesticides and more.

Satipharm also test levels of cannabinoids, to ensure every capsule has the specified quantity of CBD, and to guarantee that contents are within the European limits for psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC.


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