Shane Finn American Ultra Days 1 - 3 Update

Shane has been on the road for the past 3 days now. The spirits are high and the tyres are rolling with the challenge being ahead of schedule.


Shane Finn American Ultra athlete  taking Satipharm CBD to support endurance and recovery. 

Shane Finn American Ultra Day One

Shane started off at sunrise from the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge with 36 days of continues movement and the ever distance New York Brooklyn Bridge in his sights. Ahead was a day of ultra-biking that lasted till sunset. Over the course of the day, Shane had put to rest any nervousness that comes with facing a 36 day 5,000km challenge. The first step of the journey had taken place.


Shane Finn American Ultra Day Two

Day two and the miles came less smoothly than expected as Shane winded his way up and around the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains. With the continuous change in altitude came the ever-changing on and off with the jacket. Shane would face blistering heat amongst the trees only to be followed shortly by the snow cleared mountain top roads. What scenery it makes. With 6,000ft of elevation gain, California was firmly behind Shane as he entered the second state Nevada.


Shane Finn American Ultra Day Three

The plan was to gain back some time lost from day two. Thanks to high spirits and a great crew they managed to cycle through the night only to realise after the effort to be now ahead of schedule. It is all about the little wins when going through something like this.


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