The Oscars embrace CBD, cannabis and wellbeing

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2019 is the year that the Oscars embraced all things cannabis, THC-laced confectionary, CBD skincare, as well as a range of other cannabis-related products. We love the Academy Awards and our guilty pleasure is reading about the contents of the Oscars goodie bags, which are closely watched as a sign of emerging trends, and the year’s must-have items.

This year’s goodie bag is said by Forbes to be worth over $148,000 US dollars (£113,000 / €130,000) and the most talked about items? A variety of CBD and cannabis-related products, according to reports in Vox and The Telegraph.

Satipharm is delighted the Oscars are part of the huge interest in CBD around the world, however choosing the right product for you can be mind-boggling. Customers are often confronted with a wide range of product types and formats including cannabis oil, hemp oil, CBD drops, CBD pills, CBD gummies, CBD softgels, cannabidiol capsules, CBD creams and many more.

We imagine Lady Gaga and Spike Lee, have a few questions about the contents of their gift bag this morning, “What is CBD? What’s the difference between hemp seed and cannabis oil? Can I give CBD to my dog? What is CBD short for?”

Understanding the differences between products (other than price) is not always easy, so we suggest the Hollywood elite, anyone already using CBD oil or considering buying CBD products to research the topic to identify the product format and quality best suited to their needs.

It is important to consider a combination of quality, consistency of dosage, the convenience of use, shelf life, bioavailability, and if it is non-psychoactive (<0.2% THC), along with price when navigating the cannabis market to choose the right product for you, from the range of CBD options for sale.

Satipharm CBD 10mg Gelpell® capsules deliver high bioavailability, which means the CBD is easily absorbed and available for your body. They are made to GMP standards, have a better shelf life than bottled oils and our unique technology also ensures there is no bad aftertaste.

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Satipharm CBD Gelpell 10mg - 30 Capsules

Satipharm CBD 10mg Gelpell® - 30 Capsules