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Who are Satipharm?
A Health and Wellness Company

Satipharm is a health and wellness company which is specialised in the development and manufacture of cannabinoid-based products from the cannabis plant. Our focus is on becoming the global leader in the cannabis market by delivering the highest quality products that are designed specifically with the needs of our customers in mind. 

Company History

In 2015, Satipharm was established as a medicinal and wellbeing cannabinoid company. Our initial focus has been on providing CBD products of exceptional quality that are manufactured in a regulated and safe environment, to Good Manufacturing Practice standards (GMP).

2018 saw the establishment of Satipharm’s global head office in Dublin, Ireland. The new management team brings a blend of highly experienced people from the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, life sciences and financial management sectors.

In 2019 Satipharm's Advanced CBD 10mg Gelpell® capsules were reformulated and relaunched in the UK and Europe, marking a significant milestone of product and company development.  This was quickly followed by the launch of Satipharm's Advanced CBD Focus and Active Gelpell® capsules, as well as CBD oils, to add to the already established 10mg and 50mg capsules.

On 10th March 2021 Satipharm was acquired by the Cann Group Ltd, which provides us with the resources to fast track development of novel THC based medicinal cannabis formulations.

Manufacturing Standards (GMP)

Our manufacturing process is in line with the international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This ensures that Satipharm only provides products of exceptional, consistent quality, that are manufactured in a regulated, safe environment.

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 GMP Good Manufacturing PracticesISO 22000ISO 12485Council of Europe - Good Agricultural Collecting Practices

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