Satipharm Dried Flower Medical Cannabis

At Satipharm we are committed to quality. We have taken this quality first approach when developing our medical cannabis products. Satipharm products are grown using only fresh Canadian spring water with zero pesticides. We have combined our natural production process with our cannabis expertise to not only bring you the highest quality product but to also help you understand what type of medical cannabis may be right for you.  

The SatiScale

Satipharm SatiScale for medical cannabis

We have developed our SatiScale to take the guess work out of choosing which product might be right for you. The two important factors to consider are the THC to CBD content and whether the plant is an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. These terms may not be familiar but that is ok, our scale is here to help.

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Product?

The right choice for you will depend on whether your needs are towards the THC or CBD ends of the scale. Also consider if a Sativa or Indica is right for you. Combining these factors will give you the answer to what product is right for you. To understand the differences between these terms please read the information below.

The different between THC and CBD

THC and CBD are cannabinoids within the Cannabis plant. The difference between both cannabinoids can be best described by the produced effects they produce on the body. As the SatiScale suggests, the effects differ greatly on either end of the spectrum, but you can also have a combination of both THC and CBD within a plant.
A High THC product is typically known to produce a euphoric high effect. While a high CBD product may produce a clear head effect without the euphoric high associated with high THC strains.

The different between Sativa and Indica

Sativa and Indica are certain types of cannabis plant. The effects of products derived from a Sativa plant are known to be more relaxing and may produce or enhance senses associated with the body. The effects associated with Indica derived products may have more of an energetic effect. A combination of both plants is known as a Hybrid. Hybrids may deliver a combination of effects associated with both Sativa and Indica plants.

Purchasing Satipharm Dried Flower

To purchase Satipharm dried flower visit Shoppers Drug Mart here.  

Medical Cannabis Case Example

John suffers from symptoms relating to a medical condition that he has heard medical cannabis may help to manage or alleviate. After filling out the appropriate paper work and consulting with his physician John decides to go and purchase medical cannabis.

He is met with lots of confusing information about the different products available and their effects. John then discovers Satipharm through his friend Sam who is already a medical cannabis user. Sam tells John about the SatiScale and how it helped him when he was choosing what product to buy.  
John reads up on the different effects of high THC versus high CBD on his medical condition and decides that he would like a strain that is high THC. He then learns about the differences between Sativa and Indica plants. Now John has his answer.

He now knows clearly that the right choice for him is an Indica plant with higher amounts of THC to CBD. John looks up the SatiScale and pinpoints the exact right strain as the SatiSilver i8. The colour silver shows it is a medium THC strain with the number 8 indicating it is on the high range of medium. The letter ‘i’ lets him know that this is an Indica plant.
John can now go confidently to his local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy and purchase his medical cannabis.