Why Choose Satipharm?

At Satipharm, our products are manufactured in Switzerland under the strict international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This ensures that Satipharm only provides exceptional and consistent quality. Our patented Gelpell® capsules are clinically proven to deliver a consistent dose of highly bioavailable CBD.

Gelpell® Technology

Discover how Satipharm CBD capsules deliver a highly bioavailable dose of CBD. 

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Bioavailability & Stability

Our CBD Gelpell® capsules are clinically proven to deliver high bioavailability and stability. Read more about how they improve your body’s absorption of CBD.

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CBD Gelpell® capsules are consistent and convenient to take. Read our simple dosage instructions – your straightforward way to get the most out of CBD.

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Learn more about CBD

Latest News and articles

From cannabis research to the difference between CBD and THC, read the latest news here.

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