Phase I Clinical Trial – Pharmacokinetics

Satipharm CBD Gelpell capsules shown to be the best oral formulation 

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3.5 Times Higher Bioavailability*

  • 30% higher total bioavailability (over 24 hours) compared to an oromucosal spray.
  • At peak levels Satipharm CBD Gelpell capsules have a 70% higher concentration in the body (Mean Maximum Concentration) compared to an oromucosal spray.
  • This extrapolates to 3.5 times higher bioavailability when compared to a standard CBD oil taken orally.

*Bioavailability is the proportion of a substance, which enters the bloodstream unaltered, so can have an active effect on the body. A substance (such as CBD oil) may be readily absorbed but suffer significant metabolism by the liver before reaching the blood stream, thereby reducing its bioavailability.



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