Quality & Certifications


Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Satipharm.  

There have been a number of high profile reports of CBD products (not ours) containing significantly less CBD than advertised (See the BBC article here) or that contain contaminants such as lead or other toxic chemicals.

CBD in oil degrades quickly, which impacts the quality.  Our patented microbeads used in Satipharm Advanced CBD capsules protect the CBD from degradation – see below.

It is important to ensure your CBD product is trustworthy, that it contains the amount of CBD claimed on the label and that it does not contain contaminants that are hazardous to health.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Why is GMP important?

Our Satipharm Advanced CBD capsules are manufactured under controlled conditions in our facility in Switzerland to ensure consistency and quality of the finished product.

As part of our commitment to quality and high standards at every stage of the manufacturing process, we adhere to the stringent international requirements of GMP and our facility is audited regularly to ensure these standards are maintained.

Not all CBD products are manufactured under GMP. At Satipharm we are proud that our products are GMP-certified.


Pharmaceutical standards

Our Satipharm Advanced CBD capsules are sold as food supplements in the UK and EU. These same products are also sold as prescription medicines in other countries, such as Australia (due to local regulations).

Our Satipharm Advanced CBD capsules are made to pharmaceutical specifications.  These cover the CBD content, THC content (non-detectable) and contaminants (including pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, toxins, solvents, etc.)


Each Satipharm batch is fully tested for compliance with these standards. Further, Satipharm distributes its products through the most regulated pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacies (such as Lloyds Pharmacy) and their internal regulatory teams double check our products meet the relevant country standards and regulations. This is normal within the pharmaceutical industry, but rare within the world of CBD products.

The Australian Department of Health has also tested our Advanced 50mg CBD capsules. Their CoA is attached for reference.

Certificates of Analysis

In the pharmaceutical world, Certificates of Analysis (CoA) are internal documents for quality control and regulatory compliance. They are not usually requested by Doctors prescribing, or patients consuming prescription medicines, who place reliance on the GMP and regulatory processes mentioned above.

Given the reported presence of poor-quality CBD products being sold, some consumers now look for, and some CBD companies publish, Certificates of Analysis for their products.

Until the CBD market is properly regulated, we provide CoAs below to demonstrate our compliance.


When assessing product quality, stability of the product is also important as CBD degrades when exposed to heat, light or oxygen.

CBD oil in a closed bottle has been shown to degrade by up to 40% after one year (in a closed vial stored at room temperature) and by up to 100% (i.e. zero CBD left) if stored at higher temperatures. It is important to consume CBD oils soon after manufacture to maximise the benefit, and well before the best before date.

Satipharm Advanced CBD capsules protect the CBD within our unique microbeads. We have stability results showing our capsules still contain 98% of the CBD after 5 years storage at room temperature.  This ensures our consumers obtain the maximum benefit of the CBD at all times.

Read more about the stability of CBD hereEssential 10mgSatipharm CBD 10mg CoA

Satipharm CBD 50mg CoA



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